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Irradiated Block Allografts of Vertebral Origin to Augment Deficient Ridges.
A New Gold Standard

Friday, 1st March 2019

Hall B - (Ruby and Jade)

Learning Objectives:

  • Why use a block allograft of vertebral origin that is irradiated.
  • When to block graft a deficient site.
  • How to block graft a deficient site
  • Proper incision and flap and closure depending on the site.
  • How to prepare the recipient site.
  • How to shape and affix the block graft
  • What is the proper membrane to use over the graft
  • When to place an implant into the healed site


The lecture is supported with a literature review, a didactic portion and extensive intraoral photography of surgery and the prosthetics, histology's of bone biopsies Dr Resnick performed at healed sites and presurgery CT scans, immediate post surgery CT scans and 4 month follow up CT scans.