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Emerging Trends in Surgical guides and Dynamic Navigation for Dental Implant Surgery

Saturday, 2nd March 2019

Hall – B (Ruby and Jade)

Abstract :

Surgical placement of implants have greatly depended on the use of surgical guides. This presentation will present the evolution of implant surgical guides ranging from a standard vacuum form template made from the duplicate of a diagnostic waxup to real time implant navigation surgery.

There has been a paradigm shift inguided surgery. Surgical guides are being used not only for implant placement but for bone reduction, bone augmentation and location of the sinus window for Lateral Sinus graft. Evidence based data would be presented comparing different guides and their accuracy. Advantages and Limitations of each of the presented techniques will be elaborated.

Data on complication rates associated with free hand surgery, guided surgery and navigation surgery will be reviewed. The goal of this presentation is to improve the Clinicians outcome, minimize complications and increase accuracy in performing implant surgical procedures.