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Ridge Split Technique: A predictable option for compromized alveolar ridges

Saturday, 2nd March 2019

Hall – B (Ruby and Jade)


In patients with long standing edentulism and tooth loss, variable degree of bone atrophy is often noted. Vertical and horizontal bone loss in these patients indicates bone augmentation procedures to facilitate dental implant rehabilitation. Conventional bone augmentation techniques in combination with different grafting materials have been successfully documented in literature.

In the clinical cases of horizontal bone loss, techniques like ridge expansion have been used in past.The alveolar ridge splitting technique is a predictable modality to increase the width of atrophic alveolar ridges. This technique promotes a greenstick fracture of the alveolar ridge, thus increasing the ridge width. This presentation will highlight the use of both one stage and two stage ridge split techniquefollowed by implant placement. Innovations in the ridge technique and used of piezotomeassisted surgical procedures will be highlighted. Results from ongoing multicenter clinical trials being conducted by our group will also be shown using different bone augmentation materials.