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Evolving Medical Conditions Leading to Dental Implant Failures

Sunday, 3rd March 2019

Hall A - Sapphire


Advance in healthcare has made mankind live longer. However, individual’s living longer also displays newer complex medical conditions and have dental implant complications from them. The use of several medications and medical advances for preventive and therapeutic care has displayed a double edged knife like effect.
Globally, the use of dental implants as a standard of care in replacing missing teeth has been on the rise mainly due to patient education, cost effectiveness and access to healthcare. However, managing the outcomes of several medically complex conditions in patients receiving dental implants have been an immense challenge. The scientifically claimed success rate of surgically integrated implants has a depleting rate due to these evolving medical conditions. Some medical conditions have shown to have a direct effect on the implant success, however, majority of the medical conditions have an indirect effect on Implant therapy and oral cavity.
This oral presentation would showcase various case scenario of implant failures due to cumulative effect of aging, evolving medical conditions, new age drugs, and poorly researched medical innovations. This presentation would help us to understand our patients evolving medical conditions needing dental implants as a part of their oral rehabilitation.